Project title
ILRS_01/2017 // Community resource availability as a driver of convergent microbe-microbe interaction types and microbial community structures
ILRS_02/2017 // Metabolomic and transcriptomic analysis of the defensive role of Actinobacteria within the fungus-growing termite system
ILRS_03/2017 // Mechanisms of bacterial interactions with human pathogenic fungi − the interaction between Aspergillus fumigatus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
ILRS_04/2017 // From single-cell to whole-organ monitoring: Morphokinetic characterisation of infection via quantitative image analysis
ILRS_05/2017 // Influence of the microbiome on Candida colonization and infection
ILRS_06/2017 // Nuclear identity and nuclear migration in Schizophyllum commune
ILRS_07/2017 // Exploring the Role of Light in Microalgal-Pathogen Interactions
ILRS_08/2017 // Systems level analysis to elucidate the interplay of host-microbiome in critical illness
ILRS_09/2017 // The Effect of Bacterial Natural Products on Multicellular Development
ILRS_10/2017 // Biosynthesis of sphingolipid inhibitors in fungi
ILRS_11/2017 // Communication via extracellular vesicles between immune cells and the human-pathogenic fungus Aspergillus fumigatus
JSMC_122/2017 // Pea aphids and their secondary bacterial endosymbionts: exploring the occurrence, effects and mechanism of a widespread symbiosis
JSMC_123/2017 // Killing and prey discrimination of pathogenic fungi by a mycophagous amoeba
JSMC_124/2017 // Towards therapeutic microbes: Synthetic antifungal bacteria
JSMC_125/2017 // Whose microbiome is it? Adaptive interactions of keystone species in plant microbiome