Iuliia Ferling

Iuliia Ferling (née Viediernikova)

Phone: 49 3641 532-1577 Email: iuliia.ferling@leibniz-hki.de Website: www.leibniz-hki.de/de/institut-mitarbeiterdetails.html?member=684


Former Projects

The role of virulence determinants of the human pathogenic fungus Aspergillus fumigatus in the defense against fungivorous amoeba


Janevska S, Ferling I, Jojić K, Rautschek J, Hoefgen S, Proctor RH, Hillmann F, Valiante V (2020) Self-Protection Against the Sphingolipid Biosynthesis Inhibitor Fumonisin B 1 Is Conferred by a FUM Cluster-Encoded Ceramide Synthase mBio 11(3), e00455-20. Details PubMed

Radosa S, Ferling I, Sprague JL, Westermann M, Hillmann F (2019) The different morphologies of yeast and filamentous fungi trigger distinct killing and feeding mechanisms in a fungivorous amoeba. Environ Microbiol 21(5), 1809-1820. Details PubMed

Hillmann F, Forbes G, Novohradská S, Ferling I, Riege K, Groth M, Westermann M, Marz M, Spaller T, Winckler T, Schaap P, Glöckner G (2018) Multiple Roots of Fruiting Body Formation in Amoebozoa. Genome Biol Evol 10(2), 591-606. Details PubMed

Novohradská S, Ferling I, Hillmann F (2017) Exploring Virulence Determinants of Filamentous Fungal Pathogens through Interactions with Soil Amoebae. Front Cell Infect Microbiol 7, 497. Details PubMed

Geib E, Gressler M, Viediernikova I, Hillmann F, Jacobsen ID, Nietzsche S, Hertweck C, Brock M (2016) A Non-canonical Melanin Biosynthesis Pathway Protects Aspergillus terreus Conidia from Environmental Stress. Cell Chem Biol 23(5), 587-597. Details PubMed

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