Nadine Reiher

Nadine Reiher

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Current Projects

Candida albicans counteracts Dectin-mediated antifungal host response


Zipfel PF, Luo S, Dasari P, Reiher N, Jacobsen I, Beyersdorf N, Klos A, Serka C (2018) Reply to Kang and Brooks: Comment on the interpretation of binding of Pra1, the fungal immune evasion protein from Candida albicans to the human C3 and on the conformational changes of C3 upon activation: Kang and Brooks Optimization of biolayer-interfero Mol Immunol 101, 638-639. Details PubMed

Luo S, Dasari P, Reiher N, Hartmann A, Jacksch S, Wende E, Barz D, Niemiec MJ, Jacobsen I, Beyersdorf N, Hünig T, Klos A, Skerka C, Zipfel PF (2017) The secreted Candida albicans protein Pra1 disrupts host defense by broadly targeting and blocking complement C3 and C3 activation fragments. Mol Immunol 93, 266-277. Details PubMed

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