Rafiq Muhammad

Rafiq Muhammad


Current Projects

Molecular Mechanisms of lipid raft formation


Blango MG, Pschibul A, Rivieccio F, Krüger T, Rafiq M, Jia L, Zheng T, Goldmann M, Voltersen V, LiJ, Panagiotou P, Kniemeyer O, Brakhage AA (2020) The dynamic surface proteomes of allergenic fungal conidia J Proteome Res 19(5), 2092-2104. Details Open Access

Schmidt F, Thywißen A, Goldmann M, Cunha C, Cseresnyés Z, Schmidt H, Rafiq M, Galiani S, Gräler MH, Chamilos G, Lacerda JF, Campos A, Eggeling C, Figge MT, Heinekamp T, Filler SG, Carvalho A, Brakhage AA (2020) Flotillin-Dependent Membrane Microdomains Are Required for Functional Phagolysosomes against Fungal Infections. Cell Rep 32(7), 108017. Details PubMed

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