Multi-locus amplicon sequencing - from project design to data analysis

This course will serve as a detailed introduction for beginners into using multi-locus amplicon sequencing to characterize diverse microbial communities. We will look at theory and technology behind the technique and design molecular tools for carrying out experiments. We will also provide an introduction into sequencing data processing and hypothesis-based and exploratory data analysis pipelines.


  • Theory and techniques from library preparation to data analysis
  • Design of primer sets for characterizing diverse loci
  • Blocking amplification of background organisms
  • Very short introduction to working with data in R
  • Sequencing data filtering, processing and clustering
  • Exploratory and hypothesis-based data analysis

The number of participants will be limited to 12.

Date and Time

February 25, 2021 - February 26, 2021


Location: online


Matthew Agler

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