Practical Course: RNA-sequencing processing and data analysis

This two full day practical course addresses novices in transcriptomic next-generation sequencing (RNA-seq). Participants will get a broad overview of the workflow for the analysis of RNA-seq data. This includes:

  • Quality control of raw data
  • Trimming of raw data
  • Alignment of raw data to a reference genome
  • Counting the number of reads per gene
  • Identification of differentially expressed genes (DEGs)
  • Gene set enrichment
  • Visualization

The course will provide brief theoretical background information and focuses on practical hands on, starting with a Linux command-line introduction. Participants will work with real sequencing data and bioinformatics tools on their own. The necessary data will be handed out in the course. Due to time constraints, handling of data brought by participants will not be possible.

Date and Time

April 10, 2019 - April 11, 2019 // 10:00 - 17:00


Gianni Panagiotou

Involved ILRS Members

Thomas Wolf

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