Workshop: Good Scientific Practice

Plagiarism and falsification of data by researchers have been in the news repeatedly over recent years. The internet allows knowledge to become a mobile and easily re-packaged good. Even though deliberate academic misconduct is not representative, good scientific practice presents a series of difficult questions, and nagging problems for researchers and accidental breaches can happen.

But there are basic and helpful principles which researchers should be aware of and should be able to apply. Where this is the case, it is possible to act appropriately even in difficult situations and avoid dangerous pitfalls in the academiccareer.

This workshop familiarises participants with good scientific practice. It informs them about ethical and legal guidelines and uses typical issues and problems as examples to show how they can be practically implement in research. The workshop topics are:

  • Basics of good scientific practice: The DFG recommendations
  • Plagiarism and paraphrase: Just a question of formulation?
  • Know your rights and duties! Supervision, internet law and intellectual property law
  • Authorship, publication and documentation: A map for researchers
  • Competition or collaboration? When two researchers are working on the same topic
  • What to do in situations of academic misconduct? The appropriate response to breaches and problems
  • Good scientific practice: My next steps

Date and Time

November 28, 2018 // 09:00 - 17:00


Location: Seminar room Alexander Fleming, HKI

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