Marc Thilo Figge

Prof. Dr. Marc Thilo Figge

Phone: +49 3641 532-1416 Email: Website:


Current Projects

Population-based modeling of infection processes

Individual-based Modelling of Infection Spread and Immune Response Dynamics


Machine Learning Supported Multi-Model Simulator for Infection Research (MuMoSim)

Former Projects

Automated analysis of dynamic properties in biological systems from image data

Functional characterization of the soluble complement receptor type II (CR2/CD21) in infection

Automated image analysis of the interaction between Lichtheimia spp. and murine alveolar macrophages

Virtual infection model for Aspergillus fumigatus in human alveoli

From single-cell to whole-organ monitoring: Morphokinetic characterisation of infection via quantitative image analysis


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Brandes S, Mokhtari Z, Essig F, Hünniger K, Kurzai O, Figge MT (2015) Automated segmentation and tracking of non-rigid objects in time-lapse microscopy videos of polymorphonuclear neutrophils. Med Image Anal 20(1), 34-51. Details PubMed

Essig F, Hünniger K, Dietrich S, Figge MT, Kurzai O (2015) Human neutrophils dump Candida glabrata after intracellular killing. Fungal Genet Biol 84, 37-40. Details PubMed

Zang E, Brandes S, Tovar M, Martin K, Mech F, Horbert P, Henkel T, Figge MT, Roth M (2013) Real-time image processing for label-free enrichment of Actinobacteria cultivated in picolitre droplets. Lab Chip 13(18), 3707-3713. Details PubMed

Mech F, Thywissen A, Guthke R, Brakhage AA, Figge MT (2011) Automated image analysis of the host-pathogen interaction between phagocytes and Aspergillus fumigatus. PLoS One 6(5), e19591. Details PubMed

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