What type of degree is required for application at ILRS?

A Master’s degree or equivalent is required for admission as a doctoral researcher. In general, if your degree would allow you to pursue a PhD in your home country, it is possible to apply. In some cases, this may for example also be a Bachelor's degree with honours. However, each degree certificates will be verified by the university’s authorities on an individual basis.

The subject of the degree is depending on the exact project you are applying for and specified in the project description.

Is it possible to apply while not having finished the Master’s degree?

It is possible to apply before receiving the final degree of the Master’s course. However, the Master’s course should be almost finished the time for awarding the degree should not be more than six months after the application deadline.

Is it possible to apply after the end of the application period?

No, application is only possible during the call for recruitment. However, there are frequently other doctoral researcher positions announced at one of the participating institution that are funded by other means than ILRS. See here for vacancies.

How is the funding for the ILRS doctoral researcher positions?

The ILRS positions are funded according to the German TV-L E13, 50% (salary agreement for public service employees) for a period of three years. In addition, each projects has an annual budget for consumables, travel costs etc.

Is knowledge of German required for application at ILRS?

No, the general language of communication and instruction within ILRS is English. We expect very good communication skills in English. German language courses at different levels are available for ILRS doctoral researchers.

How will the PhD degree be awarded?

ILRS doctoral researchers have to be admitted as doctoral candidates at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. ILRS doctoral researchers will receive their PhD degree either from the Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy or the Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences and have to register at the respective faculty via the doc-in system (link). Please visit the websites of the faculties for detailed specification of the requirements for a PhD degree.

Additional enrolment as a student at Friedrich Schiller University Jena is optional for doctoral researchers. Enrolment is handled by the Graduate Academy (link).

As an ILRS doctoral researcher, can I also become a member of JSMC?

ILRS is part of the Jena School for Microbial Communication which has been established in 2006 as an umbrella organization for three research training groups in the field of microbial communication research in Jena. The JSMC is the only project in Thuringia funded by means of the Excellence Initiative of the German Research Foundation. All ILRS doctoral researchers have the possibility to join the JSMC community.

Please see here for details.