Beutenberg Campus Award for Susanne Ackermann

ILRS Alumna receives Beutenberg Campus Science Award for best PhD thesis

May 16, 2019

Forscher des Leibniz-HKI mit Wissenschaftspreisen des Beutenberg Campus ausgezeichnet

Each year, the Beutenberg Campus presents scientific awards to the best junior scientists. This year, ILRS alumna Susanne Ackermann is honored for her PhD thesis on the role of apolipoprotein E in the human immune reaction. Her work was carried out in the Department of Infection Biology at the Leibniz-HKI under supervision of Prof. Dr. Christine Skerka. She could identify apolipoprotein E - Apo E - as an inhibitor of the human complement system that prevents depositions on blood vessels. Such depositions, called plaques, can cause inflammation in diseases such as Alzheimer's and atherosklerosis. Addition of Apo E and complement inhibitors reduced these plaques and thus also decreased the inflammation. The results were published in Nature Medicine.

ILRS Faculty member Pierre Stallforth also receives the Beutenberg Campus award for the best junior scientist for his work on natural products and their role in complex organismic interactions, leading to the discovery of potential new drug.

Congratulations to Susanne and Pierre!

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