Succesful Joint Meeting of ILRS and RTGs Greifswald

Doctoral researchers from Jena and Greifswald held a joint symposium in Wittenberg

May 14, 2019

On May 2-3, 2019, around 80 doctoral researchers and PIs from the ILRS Jena and the RTGs 1870 Bacterial Respiratory Infections and KoInfekt from the University of Greifswald held a Joint Meeting at the Leucorea in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. After a first installment in 2016, this was the second symposium organized together by these graduate schools.

The doctoral researchers presented their latest results of their projects on fungal and bacterial infection biology, immunology and natural product research in talks and in lively discussion during the poster session. Among all presentations, the participants selected the best posters and talks. The awards go to

  • Best talks:Goran Abdurrahman, GRK 1870 Greifswald: "Bacterial allergens"
    Johann Kufs, ILRS Jena: "A flexible single-plasmid multi-gene expression system for the production of artificial plant polyketide derivatives in E. coli"
  • Best posters:
    Mariana Murillo-Roos, ILRS Jena: "Are microbe-microbe interactions shaped by leaf chemical landscapes?"
    Veit Hänsch, ILRS Jena: "Metal‐Free Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Important Biaryls by Photosplicing"

Congratulations to all awardees!


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