Toni Neuwirth

Toni Neuwirth


Chemoenzymatic synthesis and derivatization of natural products

An ongoing duty of mankind is to fight a raising number of multi-resistant pathogens. For the treatment of bacteria a lot of antibiotics were developed, but nowadays the incidence of bacterial resistances is raising, whereas the number of effective antibiotics decreases. For that reason the motivation is the search for new antibiotics or key structures. Modern methods like Genome Mining revealed, that bacteria have a high biosynthetic potential. The challenge of present science is to find out, how these hidden biosynthetic pathways can be triggered. Cultivations of bacteria under abnormal conditions will be done in cooperation with colleagues, what successfully led to new structures before. New substances will be isolated and their chemical structure elucidated. One major task of this PhD thesis is the total synthesis and derivatization based on techniques like chemical-, semi- and mutasynthesis of such natural products. These compounds will be investigated further concerning their biological activity, their biosynthesis will be elucidated and the significance to the producing organism will be examined.


Neuwirth T, Letzel AC, Tank C, Ishida K, Cyrulies M, Schmölz L, Lorkowski S, Hertweck C (2020) Induced Production, Synthesis, and Immunomodulatory Action of Clostrisulfone, a Diarylsulfone from Clostridium acetobutylicum. Chemistry , Details PubMed

Haensch VG, Neuwirth T, Steinmetzer J, Kloss F, Beckert R, Gräfe S, Kupfer S, Hertweck C (2019) Metal-Free Aryl Cross-Coupling Directed by Traceless Linkers. Chemistry [Epub ahead of print] Details PubMed

Kloss F, Neuwirth T, Haensch VG, Hertweck C (2018) Metal-Free Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Important Biaryls by Photosplicing. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 57(44), 14476-14481. Details PubMed


Christian Hertweck

Start of PhD

January 1, 2014

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