Himanshu Manchanda

Himanshu Manchanda

Optimization of the influenza neuraminidase inhibitor therapy by use of secondary bacterial infections

Identification and characterization of novel leads for neuraminidase (NA) inhibitors for the treatment of influenza that act on independently NAH resistances and, in addition, inhibit the NA of pneumonia inducing bacteria.

Novel approaches to predict the therapeutical outcome of NAH.


Manchanda H, Seidel N, Krumbholz A, Sauerbrei A, Schmidtke M, Guthke R (2014) Within-host influenza dynamics: a small-scale mathematical modeling approach. Biosystems 118, 51-59. Details PubMed


Reinhard Guthke

Start of PhD

February 9, 2012

Doctoral Disputation

December 18, 2015

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