Elena Seibel

Elena Seibel


Current Projects

Studies of the biosynthetic potential of microbial symbionts of fungus-growing termites using Amycolatopsis M39 as model organism


Kreuzenbeck NB, Seibel E, Schwitalla JW, Fricke J, Conlon BH, Schmidt S, Hammerbacher A, Köllner TG, Poulsen M, Hoffmeister D, Beemelmanns C (2022) Comparative Genomic and Metabolomic Analysis of Termitomyces Species Provides Insights into the Terpenome of the Fungal Cultivar and the Characteristic Odor of the Fungus Garden of Macrotermes natalensis Termites. mSystems , e0121421. Details PubMed

Um S, Seibel E, Schalk F, Balluff S, Beemelmanns C (2021) Targeted Isolation of Saalfelduracin B-D from Amycolatopsis saalfeldensis Using LC-MS/MS-Based Molecular Networking. J Nat Prod 84(4), 1002-1011. Details PubMed

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