Draft Genome Sequence of Streptomyces iranensis.

Horn F, Schroeckh V, Netzker T, Guthke R, Brakhage AA, Linde J (2014) Draft Genome Sequence of Streptomyces iranensis. Genome Announc 2(4), PubMed

ILRS Authors

Reinhard Guthke Axel A. Brakhage Fabian Horn


Prediction of gene regulatory networks involved in the differentiation, secondary metabolism and cross talk of Aspergillus nidulans

Streptomyces iranensis HM 35 has been shown to exhibit 72.7% DNA-DNA similarity to the important drug rapamycin (sirolimus)-producing Streptomyces rapamycinicus NRRL5491. Here, we report the genome sequence of HM 35, which represents a partially overlapping repertoire of secondary metabolite gene clusters with S. rapamycinicus, including the gene cluster for rapamycin biosynthesis.

doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00616-14 PMID: 25035323

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