Claudius Lenz



Current Projects

Biosynthesis of basidiomycete polyenes


Lenz C, Dörner S, Trottmann F, Hertweck C, Sherwood A, Hoffmeister D (2022) Assessment of Bioactivity-Modulating Pseudo-Ring Formation in Psilocin and Related Tryptamines. Chembiochem , e202200183. Details PubMed

Lenz C, Dörner S, Sherwood A, Hoffmeister D (2021) Structure Elucidation and Spectroscopic Analysis of Chromophores Produced by Oxidative Psilocin Dimerization. Chemistry 27(47), 12166-12171. Details PubMed

Lenz C, Sherwood A, Kargbo R, Hoffmeister D (2021) Taking Different Roads: l-Tryptophan as the Origin of Psilocybe Natural Products. Chempluschem 86(1), 28-35. (Review) Details PubMed

Fricke J, Kargbo R, Regestein L, Lenz C, Peschel G, Rosenbaum MA, Sherwood A, Hoffmeister D (2020) Scalable Hybrid Synthetic/Biocatalytic Route to Psilocybin. Chemistry 26(37), 8281-8285. Details PubMed

Seibold PS, Lenz C, Gressler M, Hoffmeister D (2020) The Laetiporus polyketide synthase LpaA produces a series of antifungal polyenes. J Antibiot (Tokyo) 73(10), 711-720. Details PubMed

Fricke J, Lenz C, Wick J, Blei F, Hoffmeister D (2019) Production Options for Psilocybin: Making of the Magic. Chemistry 25(4), 897-903. Details PubMed

Lenz C, Wick J, Braga D, García-Altares M, Lackner G, Hertweck C, Gressler M, Hoffmeister D (2019) Injury-Triggered Blueing Reactions of Psilocybe Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 59(4), 1450-1454. Details PubMed

Tauber JP, Matthäus C, Lenz C, Hoffmeister D, Popp J (2018) Analysis of basidiomycete pigments in situ by Raman spectroscopy. J Biophotonics 11(6), e201700369. Details PubMed

Lenz C, Wick J, Hoffmeister D (2017) Identification of ω-N-Methyl-4-hydroxytryptamine (Norpsilocin) as a Psilocybe Natural Product. J Nat Prod 80(10), 2835-2838. Details PubMed

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