Mariana Murillo-Roos


Former Projects

Community resource availability as a driver of convergent microbe-microbe interaction types and microbial community structures


Murillo-Roos M, Abdullah HSM, Debbar M, Ueberschaar N, Agler MT (2022) Cross-feeding niches among commensal leaf bacteria are shaped by the interaction of strain-level diversity and resource availability. ISME J , Details PubMed

Mayer T, Mari A, Almario J, Murillo-Roos M, Syed M Abdullah H, Dombrowski N, Hacquard S, Kemen EM, Agler MT (2021) Obtaining deeper insights into microbiome diversity using a simple method to block host and nontargets in amplicon sequencing. Mol Ecol Resour 21(6), 1952-1965. Details PubMed

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