Prof. Dr. Georg Pohnert

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Current Projects

Molecular dissection of early signaling response in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii under the influence of biotic and abiotic factors

Assessing DNA-binding specificity of MADS-domain transcription factors

Functional and genomic analysis of bacterial and fungal natural products derived from the fungus-growing termite

Former Projects

Isolation, purification, and structural elucidation of active compounds from the tissue of insect

Diatom pheromones – structure and function of communication mediators of unicellular algae

The entrainment of the circadian clock by light-dark and temperature cycles: Functional analysis of components of involved signaling pathways

Unraveling the (bio)chemical processes involved in phytoplankton-virus interactions

Regulation of the microbial community by the green alga Dictyosphaeria ocellata

Genomics-Driven Discovery of Secondary Metabolites from Burkholderia spp. that Interact with Fungi


Mausz MA, Pohnert G (2015) Phenotypic diversity of diploid and haploid Emiliania huxleyi cells and of cells in different growth phases revealed by comparative metabolomics. J Plant Physiol 172, 137-148. Details PubMed

Rosenwasser S, Mausz MA, Schatz D, Sheyn U, Malitsky S, Aharoni A, Weinstock E, Tzfadia O, Ben-Dor S, Feldmesser E, Pohnert G, Vardi A (2014) Rewiring Host Lipid Metabolism by Large Viruses Determines the Fate of Emiliania huxleyi, a Bloom-Forming Alga in the Ocean. Plant Cell 26(6), 2689-2707. Details PubMed

Wolfram S, Würfel H, Habenicht SH, Lembke C, Richter P, Birckner E, Beckert R, Pohnert G (2014) A small azide-modified thiazole-based reporter molecule for fluorescence and mass spectrometric detection. Beilstein J Org Chem 10, 2470-2479. Details PubMed

Paul C, Reunamo A, Lindehoff E, Bergkvist J, Mausz MA, Larsson H, Richter H, Wängberg SÅ, Leskinen P, Båmstedt U, Pohnert G (2012) Diatom derived polyunsaturated aldehydes do not structure the planktonic microbial community in a mesocosm study. Mar Drugs 10(4), 775-792. Details PubMed

Sneed JM, Pohnert G (2011) The green alga Dicytosphaeria ocellata and its organic extracts alter natural bacterial biofilm communities. Biofouling 27(4), 347-356. Details PubMed

Sneed JM, Pohnert G (2011) The green macroalga Dictyosphaeria ocellata influences the structure of the bacterioplankton community through differential effects on individual bacterial phylotypes. FEMS Microbiol Ecol 75(2), 242-254. Details PubMed

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